Huntroyde Auxiliary Military Hospital
1914 to 1917

A Photographic Souvenir

Edited by Denis Otter, August 2008



Mr and Mrs Starkie

Group photographs

History of Huntroyde Hospital

Staff list

List of Soldiers who were patients at Huntroyde





Thanks are especially due to Mrs Starkie in her foresight in preparing these albums for posterity and to Mr Bennie for preserving the albums for future generations.

Thanks to Susan Halstead and Mike Townend for allowing me the privilege of working with the albums, to David Ingham for his help with the London Gazette citations and work in launching my notes as this web site and to Mrs Margaret Jones for allowing me to use her Huntroyde Research.






This work is dedicated to the memory of all those featured in thanks for their contribution whether as soldiers or medical staff in the "Great War" of 1914 - 1918.

May they Rest In Peace

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